Thursday, April 23, 2009

Scary, but True!

I think this next post will speak for it's self, without commentary (though i will add an explanation as needed).

This, my friends, is my growing list of things to do with my tax refund (the part that won't be used to pay off credit cards).

Rusty - gelded (son's 3 1/2 yo colt/stallion - oops!)
Macon - groomed (son's standard poodle)
Tithe (yes, it's number three - please don't judge)
~insert son's name~ (yes, i owe my child money)
Orange Cream Slush (no, i do not have to wait for a tax refund to buy one - apparently that was on my mind when i was rewriting the list)
Saddle (for my son. He said, 'great, for a horse that's not even rideable' - meaning Rusty)
Gate Panels (for the dog kennels)
porch? (for the front entrance that we can't use at all right now)
aquarium (as in pump and fish)
Wheaten Puppy (that we can raise ourselves)
Direct TV/Internet (my internet is soooooooo ssss-llll-oooooooo-wwwww!!!!)

There you go. I guess they all needed an explanation after all.

Is anyone there?

(more crickets)

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