Thursday, July 31, 2014

There's so much I could write about today. I can talk more about Scott. I could write about the new house, and the huge undertaking of moving out of the old house. I can write about the boyfriend, Matt, and how he's not really a boyfriend. I can even write about the first fight with my best friend, Connie, and how we didn't talk for 4 days. Sadly, what I have to write about is bigger than all of those things put together. Tonight I'm faced with the sad reality that my mother has betrayed my son, in much the same way that she has betrayed me repeatedly. Today, my mother met with Memo and her attorney and had Matthew's name taken off the land and house.  And then she had the nerve to act like matthew should be happy because, "Matthew is now her sole heir!"

Suddenly, I'm speechless at the gravity of the situation. And I'm so sad for Matthew.