Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Quick Share

I have a lot that rambles through my mind - usually when I'm at work and doing the monotonous but necessary tasks, such as QC. I can run on autopilot and my mind wanders. Then when i have time to post . . . nothing.

But I took pictures on the drive home yesterday. I always take my camera and then I'm usually in a hurry or late or it's dark. But yesterday i was driving in the late afternoon and evening, no hurry and i took a different route home. Let me say, I used to drive this way every week and was so bored, but when you've been gone a while, you see 'new" things again.

First there were some wild flowers that i am sure I've never seen before. I suspect that they are invasive old home site plants.

Their feel is almost like a succulent (that rubbery feel), and the flowers remind me of several - snap dragon, wisteria, etc. There were scores of plants, so i pulls up two plants. The first just broke off and I realized they must have an extensive root system, so i looked in the car (SUV) and found a hoof pick - don't ask - and dug the earth away from around the second and tried to get under it. I got several large roots, but there were a lot and they ran deep. If anyone knows what this is, please tell me.

And who knew that salvia grew wild here?

I've been meaning to take a pic of this little shack for a while.

I love, love, little shacks, old buildings, old barns, etc. I mean, I like these old shacks, but I like old barns even better. I like to imagine what all happened there - the daily grind, the joys (was there a baby born here?) the sadness inevitable, and who was the last person to leave? Did they know when they left that nobody would live there again?

Barns really make me reflect. I think about the animals that lived there, the bond between the animals and people, the people that constructed this shelter - the shelter the animals came to at night after serving their purpose. The ingenuity in some of the structures that i sometimes think is now missing. And again, the last time it served its intended purpose.

Time stands still here, but it doesn't. Two structures that come to mind immediately. I was going to take a picture the next time, but the next time they were gone. One was an old barn, and the next day, it had collapsed. Another was an old lumber kiln, that had rails running thru it. It was fascinating, but they bulldozed it to clear the area. The last symbol of that era - gone. I guess in a way, it makes our troubles (maybe even our lives?) seem insignificant. Because tomorrow (whenever tomorrow is) it won't matter.

I didn't intend for this turn into a melancholly post.

On a brighter note. . .
I got my exam back today. I made the highest grade in the class! 100 out of 102 pts. I would have made 100% but i got a little dislexic - on a matching portion i marked out "J" and put "J" again, instead of "G". And why does that bug me? Oh, well. . . 98% !!!!
And this is what i really noticed in the south pasture as i drove up to the house.

I picked some for Memo and took them to her. She was delighted. She said that Ida had planted those flowers. (I've never heard of Ida. She lived/worked here, with her husband Troy, for my great-grandfather. I think Memo said Troy was a 'Daniel'.
I'm calling this 'series' of photos 'Ida's Delight'. Corny, but again, my blog ;-).
Ooh, that reminds me. . .
At least one person has read my blog, and commented! I was sooo excited, and it was none other than Bush Babe (bushbabe.blogspot.com) !
THANK YOU!!! Thanks for reading and for such a nice comment. I truly enjoy your blog - it helps get me through the weekend.
Well, that's it, folks.

Y'all have a good day now, ya hear?!?

where did that come from . . . ?

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Bush Babe said...

Honey you say the sweetest things... and love, love old shacks and flower photos. Great job!!!