Friday, September 24, 2010

Diet, Week 6, No Loss, No Gain

But here's my rant:

OK. . . it SO annoys me when smokers tell me that i have it easy cuz i can cheat on my diet (effort) but they have to completely quit. REALLY?!? Consider this: Instead of quitting cold turkey you have to cut back drastically. You are required to smoke 3 times a day BUT you can only smoke 1/4 to 1/2 of a cigarette, you have to stop no matter how good it is to you. AND you must do this with all your friends and family while they chain smoke and blow it in your face. To further complicate matters, you can't just smoke any old cig, you have to smoke a little from a wide variety of brands and strengths and you must become an expert on all the different names for ingredients. Of course, this makes shopping take longer. And your friends and family are likely to be annoyed at some point because you delay the group smoke while you try to figure out what you can or can't have. What? You say that smoking is harder cuz it's an addiction? Welcome to my world, where food is an addiction, also. Except that I've been doing it my entire life to survive and you chose to smoke beginning at whatever age. So, please don't tell me how easy it should be for me to lose weight, cuz i"ll have to tell you how i wouldn't get hooked on smokes or have a problem quitting. Any questions?

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